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The Hollywood Peel

The Hollywood Peel   

I was intrigued to see why an ever-expanding group of California ‘A’-listers are raving about the new Hollywood Peel anti-ageing treatment. 

Otherwise known as the Carbon Laser Peel, the procedure promises to stimulate collagen production and to even out skin tone instantly, with zero post-treatment downtime. 

The aesthetician deep-cleansed my face and thereafter attached eye protectors to my eyes. A carbon mask was then applied which felt like a thick mud mask. This was to absorb the heat, hence passing it on to the skin’s deeper layers.

The aesthetician then used a new technology pico-second laser with a light wavelength of 1064nm (nanometers), to treat the collagen fibers deep within the dermal layers of my skin. She explained that the reactivation treatment combats a slowdown in the lack of collagen production by the fibroplasts, which is a natural side-effect of ageing.

The next stage was to power up the laser and to start the treatment. I felt as though I was being ‘tasered’ several thousand times in rapid succession, and although I was slightly nervous at first, there was zero pain and the sensation was actually quite stimulating. The laser’s energy lightly removed the carbon particles by gently heating the upper layer of my skin to break down the damaged areas. 

The entire process lasted circa 45-minutes, and was similar to a combination of normal laser treatment, deep exfoliation and a mud mask. Although I felt slightly sunburned for an hour or so afterwards, I saw and felt a major difference after the treatment, which was the first in a course of six. The results improved even more after 2-3 days, with my skin showing noticeable surface results with a firmer, glowing look.

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By Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Paul Olavesen-Stabb has spent most of his adult life learning about skincare and trying the treatments and products available to men.

In addition to being a film producer, Paul is also a strategic business advisor to his family business Scandinavian Skincare Systems. He has for the past 21 years been involved in all aspects of skincare.


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