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If you are one of those people who bounce backwards and forwards between chocolate and raw vegetables, or between a few glasses of prune juice and half a bottle of red wine, you may wish to consider a fresh start and a new routine. Detoxification is perhaps the best way to begin as it will give your body an internal cleansing.

Detoxification is the body's natural process to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins. It is as much to do with what you put in as what you leave out. As a primary function of the body, detoxification constantly works and interacts with all other functions of the body to decrease the amount of toxins.

How do you know when your internal cleansing systems are not functioning properly? If waste products build up in your body, you could become sick, constipated and overweight. Your hair and skin may suffer, and your emotional state could become severely altered. It all becomes a vicious cycle further reducing your body’s ability to eliminate waste effectively.

Our liver is the main detoxification organ which acts as a filter for toxins and bacteria in the blood. The liver chemically neutralizes toxins, converting them into substances that can be eliminated by the kidneys. The purpose of a detoxification program is primarily to support these processes of elimination so that toxins present in the body can be metabolised and excreted.

Herbal teas, herbal pills, supplements, massage and colon cleansing are only a few of the many ways to help the body get rid of waste products. Poor diet, alcohol, sugary drinks, little sleep, stress and pollution affect the absorption of essential nutrients, and charge the liver and kidneys which are the body's internal secretion organs.

A good detox not only makes the internal organs such as the stomach and intestines work better, but it also improves the body's nutrient absorption while increasing energy. This process has an added bonus of boosting your immune system. A detox is a good start if you want to lose weight and, if done properly, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your body, face, skin and hair.

The prerequisite for a well-functioning body and good looks is that the body is internally balanced. This means that the digestion and gastrointestinal tract must be functioning well and together, and this is again important for the immune system as part of the body's machinery. The condition of the stomach and the intestine is associated with the balance of intestinal bacteria and enzymes.

Green tea purifies the body and contains strong antioxidants and active substances that help the body's own ability to get rid of waste products. There are many different herbs that help to cleanse the body, and also plants and vegetables such as nettle and asparagus. Ask your health food store for good herbal cleansing products, and explain that you are looking for a detox product that will help your body get rid of waste.

But be sure to choose a product that is a mild cathartic. A herbal supplement that is too powerful can actually stress the internal organs, and can weaken the muscles in the intestine. A powerful herbal cleanse can also seem very uncomfortable and cause aches and pains. Psyllium, mustard seed and figs help intestinal cleansing, but be careful about using such products because they can also cause diarrhea.

No one particular detox programme works for everyone as the reasons why they need detox will be different. It is however highly recommended to help the body enhance a natural process which it should already be doing effectively.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Mentally prepare yourself to stay away from daily toxins, including sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.
  2. Eat three meals a day and two snacks incorporating whole foods and micronutrients.
  3. Cut out coffee, sugar and white flour.
  4. Eat lots of vegetables, chicken, fish, salad and coarse grains.
  5. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of filtered water daily.
  6. Exercise for circa 50-minutes at least three times a week to speed up your metabolism, to get the heart pumping and to sweat.
  7. Take supplements of vitamins and minerals.
  8. Be prepared to experience physical reactions when the body detoxifies, including headaches and muscle aches.
  9. Read more about detox.
  10. Try to attain a more peaceful inner dialogue (calm down and don’t sweat the small things).
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By Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Paul Olavesen-Stabb has spent most of his adult life learning about skincare and trying the treatments and products available to men.

In addition to being a film producer, Paul is also a strategic business advisor to his family business Scandinavian Skincare Systems. He has for the past 21 years been involved in all aspects of skincare.


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