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How to get that Christmas Glow

How to get that Christmas Glow

Nature has equipped us all with different body types and it is important to learn to like your body as it is and to take the best care of it. A healthy and energetic body is primarily dependent on the body's internal state, and before we spend time and money on beauty industry methods and special offers, we should eat healthy foods and keep ourselves physically active. This provides the basis for a well-functioning body and a great look.  

The first step on the way to a healthy and supple body is regular care. And there is actually a lot you can do yourself to achieve this – and at little cost. 

One of the best secrets to get your body to glow lies in scrub. The skin that you see with the naked eye is actually dead skin. This is because the dead cells are like a surface skin on the body, and the result is that the skin can look dull and lifeless. The dead skin cells make it difficult for the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture through creams and lotions. It does not matter what you rub on it, the skin becomes still as dull and dry if you do not scrub away the dead skin cells first.  

This is especially relevent in areas like knees, elbows, upper arms and ankles, which are all places where the dead skin cells build up. You should make it a ritual to scrub your body regularly. Take a body scrub / exfoliating treatment once a week, and do it in conjunction with showering or bathing. Also remember to use a scrub effect which is not too strong, to avoid damaging the epidermis. 

Many scrub products are based on mineral sea salt or mineral salts from the Dead Sea, and often contain nourishing plant oils in addition. Mineral salts are effective scrubs against lifeless skin and they initiate circulation in the skin. After a good scrub, the body will feel like new.  

Before you begin to scrub, it is important that you know how to do it right: Scrub the skin while it is damp, and do it with light movements. If you choose to dry scrub with a loofah, you can do it before you take a shower. Let your body get a good scrub massage from head to toe. It initiates blood circulation and removes the dead skin cells, which are rinsed off in the shower afterwards. The skin becomes silky. 

If you're keen to maintain a slight tan throughout the winer months (via ’tan-without-sun’ products of course), not to mention whether you want your tan to sit longer, it is important to remove the dead skin cells.  

Always lubricate afterwards with a body lotion, or preferably with a good aromatic oil. Then the skin will get shine and suppleness, and it will look healthy and vibrant. 

Top 10 Tips 

  • Use scrub products containing mineral salts from the Dead Sea. 
  • Frequently use a loofah and dry scrubber before you step in the shower. 
  • Don’t use a body scrub while the shower is running as the scrub will just be washed away. 
  • Use coarse sea salt if you do not have a scrub product at hand. Regular coarse sea salt gives the same effect and leaves a healthy glow to the skin. 
  • Be careful not to use scrub products containing salt if you have atopic eczema or other dermatitis problems as it could create burning and irritation. The thin and sensitive eczema skin may also react with minerals and substances in the salt.  
  • Soften the skin by soaking in a warm bath and add a relaxing essential oil like ylang-ylang, lavender or rose-geranium ... and use scented candles to enhance the mood and create a nice atmosphere. 
  • Sugar scrubs are less abrasive than salt scrubs and considered to be rich with alpha hydroxy acid which can be helpful for those with uneven skin tone. 
  • Never use a body scrub on your face and never rinse after a scrub with water that is too hot! 
  • Body scrubs are available for specific skin problems, such as stretch marks, acne and cellulite. 
  • For men - shaving is actually like a scrub, but the non-shaven areas of a man’s face can benefit from a regular scrub. 

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By Marianne Olavesen-Stabb

Norwegian-born Marianne Olavesen-Stabb has been a product designer, trainer and consultant to the international health, wellbeing and beauty Industry for 21 years.

She is the Founder and President of Scandinavian Skincare Systems and was also one of the finalists in Cosmopolitan’s 'Women of Achievement Awards' for her achievements in Health & Wellbeing.



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